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Seafarer Cruises

Seafarer Cruises boasts an excellent array of cruise types and cruise destinations year-round, meaning there’s bound to be at least one that whets your appetite. From the charming, exclusive Gulet cruises to the much larger Mega Yachts, there any number of ways to see the world with Seafarer Cruises.

Mega Yacht Cruises

The stylish offerings from Variety Cruises combine the luxury of larger vessels, but also allow you explore areas in a far greater way than would be possible on larger cruise liners. It strikes the perfect balance between the bigger vessel decadence and small ship adventure as these Mega yachts can still go to places Cruise Liners can’t, without sacrificing quality.

Gulet Cruises

Gulet cruises are probably the smallest and most exclusive vessels we offer, typically with around 18 cabins on board. There is more of a social, group feel to these cruises, with great choice in destinations to boot!

Tall Ship Cruises

Tall ship cruises tend to give a more natural sailing experience than other cruises, without losing any of the luxury of a Mega Yacht. Tall Ship Cruises also allow you to explore smaller ports which are inaccessible to large vessels; this gives you the opportunity to have less mainstream, less touristy excursions.

River Cruises

We offer River Cruises all over the world so you can explore some of the World’s most famous sites and do it in style. This is an elegant way of travelling that lets you city-hop, without the stresses of land transfers and certainly far more extravagance.

Sailing Cruises

Sailing cruises, or what we often call “Share a sail” is a very social way of island-hopping and sailing. You can charter a cabin on one of our large yachts, then our Skipper and hostess will take care of the rest! A typical day will see you sail for 3 to 6 hours with a swim stop and overnight stays will be at a port so you can eat and explore ashore too. Have a look where this is offered!

Larger Cruise Vessels

Starting in Greece or Turkey, these carefully-selected, medium-sized vessels take you around the Aegean or even to Istanbul and the Turkish coast. Have a look at our day-by-day itineraries and pick which places you’d like to explore further, or if you would just like some hot-weather relaxation in a deluxe environment then stay on board, have a drink at the bar and a dip in the pool!

Seafarer Sailing
At Seafarer holidays, we provide a wide range of holidays, from our small, friendly beach clubs to our flotilla group holidays. We have bases all across Europe and one in Turkey too where we can help you unwind and explore the Med.

Flotilla Holidays

Our flotillas, unlike with some other companies, are never too large as we always keep the numbers capped so we don’t lose the intimate feel. We like to keep things casual and stress free as sail through wonderful waters and some great scenery..

Beach Clubs

We have two beach clubs; in Nikiana, Lefkas and Kefalos beach club in Kos. Much like with our flotillas, we try to keep the small, group atmosphere. At Nikiana we can accommodate around 60 Seafarer guests, this way, even at our busiest, everyone is able to enjoy the club and all the sailing courses and equipment we have on offer.

Learn to Sail

Get qualified at our Sailing School in the Ionian! Rather than trying to get your certificates in the UK where the cold weather and ice-cold water can definitely have an impact on your enjoyment, you can do your courses in the sunny Ionian at our RYA-certified Sea School. We offer Competent Crew, Day Skipper and ICC courses as well as a pre-flotilla course, where you can learn what you need to learn before joining the flotilla on your second week.

Sailing Adventures

Sailing by the cabin, or what we often call “Share a sail” is a very social way of island-hopping with company. You can charter a cabin on one of our large yachts and our Skipper and hostess will take care of the rest! You wil typically sail for 3 to 6 hours with a swim stop and stay on different islands most nights so you can eat and explore ashore as wel. Have a look where this is offered!